Raising a smart kid starts at home!

I grew up in a generation where the teacher’s word was final. It didn’t matter what excuses you made, your parents believed and trusted the teacher when they said that you hadn’t been doing your homework, you had been disruptive, or that the detention they gave you was merited. It seems all those children have grown up with resentment. All those years of being ignored, not trusted, not given the benefit of a doubt… now, together they rise to stand up against the teacher. Continue reading “Raising a smart kid starts at home!”

How To (or not to) Conquer Potty Training

Sitting in Victoria’s room, rocking her gently and singing to her as she  slowly shuts her eyes. It is quiet. Just the sound of classical music with the faint sound of waves coming from her sound machine. And then, from upstairs…
“Mommy, PEE-PEE!”

Continue reading “How To (or not to) Conquer Potty Training”

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