Common Courtesy – Do you open doors for others?

Having attended an all-girl catholic high school, a lot of emphasis was placed on manners, and opening doors for people was one of them.

Before I had my children and was forced to carry luggage and strollers everywhere I went, I never put much thought into the importance of this simple courtesy.

Today, I was walking out of a Starbucks with my sleeping baby in her stroller. It was one of those double glass doors where you have to push the door open with your left arm, hold it there, and push the stroller forward with your other arm. Then, reach to grab the second set of doors while keeping your foot as a door stop for the first door. Then use your third arm to continue pushing the stroller and somehow make it through. All while, rolling your “city stroller” over winter mats, hoping your baby stays asleep through this 4.7 richter earthquake. So, as I was reaching the end of this acrobatic defeat, and pushing through the second door, a man walks right through and thanks me for holding the door open for him.  Continue reading “Common Courtesy – Do you open doors for others?”

My baby is moving out… of my bedroom!

Victoria is almost 4 months old now, and already outgrowing her bassinet. I tried to keep her close for as long as possible, but now her head keeps rubbing against the top. (She’s already lacking hair on the sides of her head, I’d like to keep the top). So, I reluctantly moved her to her crib, in her bedroom just down the short hall, miles away…

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Daycare Blues, Separation Anxiety — you are not alone!

When my son started daycare, it was not an easy transition. I was 4 months pregnant and I knew that this had to be done now. I knew once my daughter was born I would need some time alone with her, and I feared that if I wait, James would think he is being sent away because of her. I wanted to keep these two major milestones (the arrival of his baby sister, and the start of daycare) separate in order to give him time to adjust.

Until his enrolment at the daycare, James was always with me and I knew this would not be an easy step for him. A mama’s boy with major separation anxiety, use to his bed, his blanky and his routine; but we had spent the last winter cooped up inside and I felt he needed more stimulation, interaction and exercise.

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To my little boy (and all moms-to-be)

Dear James,

When a woman announces their pregnancy, amid all the congratulations she will receive so much advice. “Enjoy your sleep now while you can!”, “Enjoy your last months of freedom”, “You’re life is about to change forever!!!”

Sleep? Yes it is a given that a newborn baby will keep you up at night. Freedom? Not much of it when your body is creating another human, so that ship has sailed. But the ones that said “your life is about to change forever”, now that is one I took for granted. Of course, it would. I would have another person to take care of, more things to carry around (I had seen my sister handle twins like going to the mall was a weekend road trip), and another person to be responsible for. But these things I knew, I had seen it all. What I didn’t know is what no one can tell you. No one can show you. It is only felt when you become a parent.

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To my daughter

Dear Victoria,

Words cannot express how much I love you. As I watch you nestled comfortably in a deep sleep. I wonder about all the years you have ahead of yourself –an entire lifetime.

Surely, you will come across some hardship and I wish I could mend all your little heartbreaks but there will be things that I can teach you and things you will have to learn by yourself and through your mistakes. Though, if I can just put into words a few things that matter so much to me, I hope that you can someday read this and take these words to heart.

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