How To (or not to) Conquer Potty Training

Sitting in Victoria’s room, rocking her gently and singing to her as she  slowly shuts her eyes. It is quiet. Just the sound of classical music with the faint sound of waves coming from her sound machine. And then, from upstairs…
“Mommy, PEE-PEE!”

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Common Courtesy – Do you open doors for others?

Having attended an all-girl catholic high school, a lot of emphasis was placed on manners, and opening doors for people was one of them.

Before I had my children and was forced to carry luggage and strollers everywhere I went, I never put much thought into the importance of this simple courtesy.

Today, I was walking out of a Starbucks with my sleeping baby in her stroller. It was one of those double glass doors where you have to push the door open with your left arm, hold it there, and push the stroller forward with your other arm. Then, reach to grab the second set of doors while keeping your foot as a door stop for the first door. Then use your third arm to continue pushing the stroller and somehow make it through. All while, rolling your “city stroller” over winter mats, hoping your baby stays asleep through this 4.7 richter earthquake. So, as I was reaching the end of this acrobatic defeat, and pushing through the second door, a man walks right through and thanks me for holding the door open for him.  Continue reading “Common Courtesy – Do you open doors for others?”

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