Raising a smart kid starts at home!

I grew up in a generation where the teacher’s word was final. It didn’t matter what excuses you made, your parents believed and trusted the teacher when they said that you hadn’t been doing your homework, you had been disruptive, or that the detention they gave you was merited. It seems all those children have grown up with resentment. All those years of being ignored, not trusted, not given the benefit of a doubt… now, together they rise to stand up against the teacher. Continue reading “Raising a smart kid starts at home!”

Why the student-teacher relationship matters.

My children are still young, Victoria recently started daycare, and the days leading up to her first day were difficult. When James started daycare a couple of years ago, we faced major separation anxiety, and I anticipated that I would have to face the same issues with Victoria. At the time, James was over 18 months old,  but Victoria was just over a year when she started and still a baby in my eyes.

To my surprise, she has adapted very easily. She might have cried the first three days as I dropped her off into unknown arms, but this morning she eagerly tossed herself towards her teacher and later didn’t want to leave the classroom. Continue reading “Why the student-teacher relationship matters.”

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