The best moments

We’ve said it a thousand times– time flies. We try to prepare for the inevitable, that our babies will grow up, yet we are still stunned when we get there.
I told myself to enjoy every moment. I constantly reminded myself to embrace them, to hold them a little longer before bed, put my phone down while nursing and just try to memorize all their little sounds and expressions. Still, somehow, the memories are fleeting.

DSC_0534James is 4 years old this week. He is so smart, and well spoken that sometimes I need to remind myself, in the middle of his tantrum, that he is still just a baby. At times I lose my patience, I am only human, but other times (when he lets me) I hug him through it.

Baby Victoria - Day 2 (69)
Photo by James Correia

I know that there will be a time that he will no longer fit in my lap. He won’t crawl into bed with me when he is scared, and he won’t look for me for comfort. But right now, he is only four and I’ll embrace every time he needs me to warm him with a hug, kiss a bobo away, tuck him in and hug him goodnight.
This week we celebrated two of their birthdays. James turned 4 and Victoria turned two. Yet another reminder of how quickly they are growing. As I sat in Victoria’s room rocking her to sleep, I asked myself how many hours I must have spent in this chair, nursing them, rocking them, comforting them…

“Those have been the best moments of my life”, I thought…

Photo by James Correia
Photo by James Correia

…And no matter how often I get anxious and frustrated that she won’t let me put her down in her crib, or how many times James gets out of bed to ask for another goodnight kiss,  I’ll just need to remind myself that I won’t have these moments forever.



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