Things I did with my first and would avoid with my second #Parenting

When James was born, I knew I wouldn’t be the type of mother that needs to follow every rule and guideline. Our parents raised us without the internet so I was sure I could figure it out. Having said that there are a few things I wish I knew and decided I’d do differently with Victoria.

  1. Underestimating the healing time after giving birth.
    The healing time after birth is different for everyone, depending on the delivery. Whether it’s emotional or physical there is a lot going on, so while pregnant with Victoria, I warned family and friends that I would want some space. Luckily, this time around, it wasn’t needed — for one the healing time is much quicker with the second child and sadly, people aren’t as eager to visit anyway.
  2. Assuming I knew what a “proper latch” was.
    During my prenatal classes I had heard that a newbown baby will naturally lean towards the breast moments after birth. I thought this was amazing. As soon as James was born and his little naked body was placed on my chest, I let him him do just that. The nurses assumed I knew what I was doing and never corrected the latch, resulting in so much pain by the time I got home!
  3. Worrying I wouldn’t be back on time to nurse.
    If you have to substitute with formula, your child will be fine! I will not stress myself to get back to her or leave my baby hungry and in tears because I’m stuck in traffic and the breast milk from the freezer hasn’t thawed out. There will be an emergency supply of formula in the pantry– use it if you have to.
  4. Not being consistent and persistent with new food.
    James is an extremely picky eater. Did I cause it? I don’t think so, but I’m sure I didn’t help his case. There was a time that he would be eager to try certain foods, but then I kept them away for too long, by the time I reintroduced them he had suddenly learned that he can say “no”.
    Victoria eats everything! So, I want to make sure it stays that way. She loves fish, so I will try to serve it to her weekly so she remembers that she likes it. She eats carrots, broccoli and asparagus and I’ll keep encouraging her to eat these.  She is not so sure about cauliflower, so I will include that too so that she can get used to the idea. With James, anything other than pizza, pasta or chicken strips is a challenge.
  5. Lacking confidence. When I was pregnant with James, I had a secret fear that I would not be my child’s “favourite person”; that he wouldn’t love me the most. If any mother out there shares this sentiment, just stop. Your child will love you regardless of the mistakes you make, or how much you can sit and play pretend. Not only will they love you, but it will be an admiration like you’ve never felt and a adoration that will melt your heart. You are perfect — at least until they become pre-teens. So enjoy it now, while it lasts…



Who else can say they’ve thrown certain habits out the window as the number of children increased? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I think I tossed out all my old habits with my second one. Some for the better others not so much. Sleep time discipline for example. Maybe not the best one to get rid of.

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