My baby is moving out… of my bedroom!

Victoria is almost 4 months old now, and already outgrowing her bassinet. I tried to keep her close for as long as possible, but now her head keeps rubbing against the top. (She’s already lacking hair on the sides of her head, I’d like to keep the top). So, I reluctantly moved her to her crib, in her bedroom just down the short hall, miles away…

Besides the separation anxiety that I am going through, the other battle is the fact that I now have to get out of my bed and go to her room, and sit on a cold rocking chair to feed her 3 times a night! Up until now, when she would start to stir in her bassinet, I’d pick her up and bring her to bed with me where I’d nurse, sitting under my warm blankets. I know “dream feeding” is when you feed a baby while their half asleep but in my case, I was half asleep. Now,  I sit in her room during the 3:00 am nursing, wishing I never watched the first Paranormal Activity.

I’ve considered weaning her night feedings. She drinks enough throughout the day and has the Michelin Man thighs to prove it! But she is my baby and even though my son slept through the night by 4 months of age, I feel like I need to hold on to this one a little longer. She has already grown so quickly. Time is passing by faster than ever. Is this a common thing? Does time go by faster with each child? Is it because we are growing older or is it because of all the other distractions in my life.

Weaning James of night feedings was so easy, I could have written the book. They say your baby has to be ready for it, but I think it is us, the mothers, that truly need to be in the right mind set, and with Victoria, I’m just not there. I don’t mind nursing her in my most tired moments, because that big smile she gives me when her belly is full… it is so worth it! And I need to see it a few more times so that it is properly registered in my mind.– or maybe just once a night would be enough.

With my son, each milestone was an exciting step towards his growth and with my daughter, it is just a reminder that time goes by too quickly. Today, she is moving out of the bedroom… and soon she will be moving out of my house. Okay, maybe not that soon. Until then, I’ll nurse her and rock her to sleep 3 times a night on a cold rocking chair. Because If I could, I would hold her in my arms forever.

In the words of Robert Munsch:

I’ll love you forever, 
I’ll like you for always.
As long I’m living, 
My baby you’ll be.

Baby Victoria - Day 2 (50)

Photo Credit: James Paul Correia 

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  1. So bitter sweet, you want them to grow and live a happy life but at the same time you want to hold them forever. If its this hard now, I can’t imagine the withdrawal we will feel with each step they take away from us.


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