To my daughter

Dear Victoria,

Words cannot express how much I love you. As I watch you nestled comfortably in a deep sleep. I wonder about all the years you have ahead of yourself –an entire lifetime.

Surely, you will come across some hardship and I wish I could mend all your little heartbreaks but there will be things that I can teach you and things you will have to learn by yourself and through your mistakes. Though, if I can just put into words a few things that matter so much to me, I hope that you can someday read this and take these words to heart.


Be what you want, speak your mind and state your opinions but always be kind to others. Life is not a race. Slow down and help someone achieve their goals, give someone a compliment and never judge someone for their appearances. And most importantly do not look at other girls as competition,  be kind to one another and help each other strive.

Self respect:

Respect yourself enough to surround yourself with people who respect you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. When it comes to choosing a partner, they say girls tend to look to their fathers as an example, and I hope that is true. Your father is hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, kind and respectful, and he is all of these things for us. He constantly tries to better himself, and supports all of my endeavours. He tolerates my silliness and motivates me to better myself.  I hope you can find someone that will treat you with the same respect because you deserve it.


That being said, be kind to your father. He may sometimes be stubborn and not always understand you, but he loves you more than you know. And although he is at times set in his ways (and this will only get worse with age) I have found that most of the time his way is the most logical and practical. So take his advice, and if you don’t understand it, question it because although stubborn, he will always have a soft spot for his little angel and therefore you possess the power to persuade him.


Nobody will love you as much as your father and I do. And I say this because I know that I don’t love anyone more or in the same way that I love my children. It was only when I had James that I understood unconditional love. The love I felt was so strong and overwhelming, it felt as though my heart had been filled to its limits. I could not imagine having any more room to love anything else. Then you were born, and I understood that only for these special cases your heart can make room. It is as if it grows to twice the size in order to make room for this second angel, so that you may love them infinitely and unconditionally, just as you do your first child.  Before my children, I thought I understood “unconditional love”. I knew what it meant but could not have imagined what it felt like. “Unconditional love” means, in my eyes, you can do no wrong. Although you may one day disappoint me, you will never lose my love. Even if you were to commit the worst of crimes, I will always think back at the way you are now, so small and innocent, nestled in my arms, and I will remember that big smile you give me every time I look into your eyes, and I know I will always love you.


Baby Hands

Photo credit: James Paul Correia

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